Alpaca is a naturally stain, odor and wrinkle resistant fiber. Therefore, alpaca clothing can support longer periods of time between cleaning treatments. We suggest the following to maintain your alpaca clothing in the best condition during its time with you.

Hand washing is the best method for cleaning alpaca knitwear. It adds years to the life of your garment. If you would prefer another option to care for your alpaca knitwear, we strongly encourage the use of an eco-friendly dry cleaner. We suggest alternatives to PERC, the known air and groundwater pollutant and likely human carcinogen that’s used by most traditional dry cleaners.

Here are our suggestions to hand wash alpaca knitwear:

1) Gently wash in warm water with gentle soap. Rinse thoroughly in room temperature water. Do not wring or twist.

2) Carefully support the wet garment while laying it on top of a dry towel. Push the water from the garment (don’t wring or twist) by rolling up the towel and squeezing the water into the towel. If there is a lot of water, you may need to replace the towel and repeat.

3) Air dry the garment on top of a dry towel on a flat surface.

Do not place Alpaca knitwear on a hanger as the garment may stretch out of shape. The best way to keep your garment is to lay it flat or fold it once to place on a shelf or in a drawer.