Each piece of MANTARI has a unique inspiration. Since its fabrication, every detail of each garment is made with delicacy and love.  The garment has a special name that represents the artisan mother who made it.  In this article, we will learn a little about the beautiful story of Sonia and Flora.

 Our sweater Sonia is made with a lot of love by Sonia Rosario, who started in MANTARI on July 5, 2013. Her entire life and inspiration are her children.

Her love for knitting started since she was a child. Sonia was always curious about knitting; Sonia tells us that when she was ten years old, the stores gave away wire from the wheels of bicycles and from that material she made poles to weave.

Her first garment was a “pumpkin” coloured sweater. As the years passed, they liked the art of weaving more. Sonia tells us that when she weaves she has a special connection with the garment.

Sonia is grateful to MANTARI because she feels part of the family. She will always give the best of herself. For all those women: “I tell you not to get depressed in the face of problems, always have the strength and have self-love. When we love each other, we are stronger. "




Flora is a beautiful 33-year-old woman, is very passionate. She has two children, who are the engine of her life. Eight years ago, when MANTARI called her to work, her love of embroidery began. Flora learned to embroider hats, sweaters, and other garments.

Flora tells us that she has a special love for embroidery because she feels focused and does her best to make the garment look beautiful.

The best memory Flora has with MANTARI is at Christmas time, because they shared a beautiful moment. Flora tell us:  "Keep going! If it is a difficult time, you have to be strong and never forget the word family

27 mayo 2021 — Edith Huaman
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