Juana  Mantari (mother) (economist) had developed the skill of knitting and crochet since she was a child made sweaters for her dolls, then for herself and when she was a student at the university for her friends, obtaining an income for her studies. 

She began to work in the field of textile confection producing garments for the local market. she complemented her activity with her university studies that were her support. All the knowledge obtained during the years was transmitted to her two daughters, Julia and Edith, that in the middle of their studies, Edith in fashion designer and Julia is an accountant, with the age of 18 and 20, led by his mother, is how they gave life to this wonderful project.


 This is how in 2003, MANTARI was founded, being a peruvian company dedicated to the elaboration of handmade garments and knitting. We produce and market garments made of knitted fabrics with fibers native to Perú of the highest quality and beauty, such as alpaca and cotton, for this we comply with the highest standards of quality. 


 Being the product and his experience, the best introduction to the world market, which represent a work opportunity for women and men that support the vision of our company. Edith has been the main promoter of the exhibition of the work through her designs that have been promoted in fashion catwalk and competitions where they win a lot of awards and condecorations.


The brand have fair trade policies in his company and they focus on provide work to approximately 100 women in his region.  Actually, their products reach markets like the united states , France and Italy and they have plans to extended the brand on the Asian market on 2021-2022.

October 26, 2020 — Mantari