We are proud of our Mantari Mothers. Each one develops their knitting skills with our team leaders, provides for their family through a fair trade certified job with us and participates in a literacy program to educate themselves. We want to shine a spotlight on their individual stories because they are the source of our will to continue our mission to empower women through fashion.

Meet Yuli, mother and teacher extraordinaire. She started working with us 10 years ago after retiring from teaching at school. Yuli started in the finishing department and quickly evolved into a team leader, teaching embroidery techniques to her group of 30 mother. Her attention to detail and leadership makes her one of the most inspiring leaders we are honored to work with. Today, as the head of quality control, she works attentively to ensure each item is made with discipline and care.


Meet Flora (middle), mother of two boys and one of the first women who started working with us through the literacy program in the Chilca district. Her passion for education led her to the role of Chilca - Auray group leader for 32 mothers. She values her newfound leadership skills uncovered through education and teamwork. This empowers her at work and at home, setting an example for her two boys to always keep learning and follow their passion.