The year 2020 is not the only difficult year in the history of MANTARI for Sisters Julia and Edith.  Like many brands, MANTARI has been affected by the crisis generated by the COVID-19, which is why they know that the responsibility of leading and running a project like theirs is fundamental for both the team and the project.

"This situation reminds us a lot of the time when we were about to expand in shops in the United States in 2007/2008 and that's when the stock market fell, at that time we only exported to the United States and we were left a little bit in the air, leaving us with the question of now what? however, that was a good trigger that made us expand and set our north to other countries. At the beginning it was difficult, however, these were decisions and growth, which although it was not foreseen and was a hard blow, helped us to expand". - Julia and Edith H. Mantari

 With this experience, the sisters face this global pandemic with optimism and more prepared than ever with their relaunch, implementing the shop they always wanted in the virtual aspect, expanding frontiers like that time in 2008.

This year and next, they are based on innovating and always being at the forefront, working with a team that is knowledgeable and creative with social principles, eco-friendly thinking and maintaining a conscious lifestyle.

Summarizing to the following sentence: Resist, Persist and never give up.

 "We are currently affected by the pandemic as well as the global economy in general, but these changes drive us to seek new opportunities. Edith M. Mantari

October 26, 2020 — Mantari