Juana grew up in Huancayo’s Mantaro valley, surrounded by the Andes Mountains and immersed in the alpaca culture of Peru. She learned to knit and crotchet alpaca sweaters at a young age, first for her dolls and then for herself. Her passion for knitting alpaca let her develop her education. Juana was able to pay for her college tuition selling alpaca sweaters to friends and eventually to local businesses. After graduating with a degree in economics and starting a family, she passed along her skills and commitment to education to her daughters. Julia became an accountant and Edith a fashion designer. This is how Juana developed the vision to create Mantari in 2003.

Mantari is proud to be fair trade certified and create ethical and sustainable products. Our collection is developed under these values to empower 100 mothers that work with us to hand knit our products while taking part in a literacy program that we support. This enables these mothers to provide for their families, work from home and educate themselves.


Today, our work and experience has placed Mantari’s products in Europe and the United States. We hope to reach more people around the world and continue our mission to empower women through fashion.